Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Essex Girls by Laura Ziepe

Meet the Essex Girls:

Jade, had moved away from Essex three years ago to attend university in Bath. Jade had toned down her Essex look of fake-tan, eyelashes and extensions to please boyfriend Tom. But when she finds out Tom has been cheating, there is only one place for her to go, home to Essex and back to her two best friends.

Lisa has been in a long-term relationship since the age of sixteen with boyfriend Jake, but now aged twenty-one is she ready to come out of her comfort zone and see just what else the world has got to offer?

Kelly meets Billy and all is going really well, but Kelly is afraid to commit in case she gets hurt. Will she take a chance on love?

When Jade and Kelly decide to escape from their Essex lives and head to the glamour of Marbella for fun in the sun.  The adventure begins. This is a very amusing and entertaining story from author Laura Ziepe, all we have come to know and love about Essex is included in this book capturing the essence of Essex. (Or some might say the stereotypes!) But it is all done in really good fun and if you are a fan of The Only Way is Essex, you will love this book or if you are looking for just a nice easy fun and humorous read, this book will have you laughing out loud. I really enjoyed reading it.

Laura Ziepe was born in Essex and worked for Media Company and as a receptionist for a law firm before launching her own business mycelebritydress.com in 2009, where customers can hire designer dresses as seen on celebrates and the red carpet. She was offered a place in the first series of The Only Way is Essex. Through her business she now hires dressers to many of the stars of TOWIE and other hit TV shows. Though she hates to admit it, she is rather a (stereo) typical Essex girl, loving shopping, pampering and hitting the gym – not to mention spoiling her two Chihuahuas, Dolly and Dusty.

To buy this book from Amazon UK click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0007486464

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