Monday, 7 May 2012

A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss and Life Beyond

A True Story

By Jennifer L. Scalise

Proof that death does not separate us from our loved ones.

In this book Jennifer L. Scalise tells the true story of how after losing her beautiful twelve year old daughter Brooke in a tragic accident, while the family where on holiday in Costa Rica. The strength and comfort Jennifer found as she had to deal with the catastrophic circumstances surrounding Brooke’s death in a foreign country. How Jennifer had to go on surviving and find peace of mind for her other two children Blake and Paige. The story tells of the heartache and the tragedy that the family went through on that fatal day to how their lives followed on from the accident as they had to rebuild their lives without Brooke.

Jennifer begins to notice strange coincidences and soon knows that they are signs being given to her from Brooke, telling her loud and clear that Brooke is alright and that life is eternal and that Brooke’s life had a greater purpose. In life Brooke had a strong link and belief in God, even when the family were not attending church regularly. Jennifer finds hidden discoveries that as she unravels she knows are not coincidences and that her daughter’s soul had been preparing for returning home to the place we call heaven. Jennifer finds comfort and faith that life is eternal and she knows that Brooke is by her side.

This is one, if not the most beautiful true life story I have ever read. The book itself is beautifully presented. The book is a wonderful tribute to Brooke and a wonderful memoir for Jennifer’s two other children Blake and Paige who also contribute to this book. Presented with photographs and thoughtful verses, that makes this book simply perfect. There are also mobile tags that you can use to access videos. So you really get to see and know what a beautiful spirit Brooke is. The book is written with pure love and will go on to help many people find peace and put their minds at rest that our loved ones are only a thought away. This is an inspirational book that delivers a powerful message.

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