Monday, 14 May 2012

Better Days by June Tate

Set in Southampton in 1954, Gemma Barrett dreams of a life at sea, and to travel and see the world. Life is not too bad for Gemma; she has a good job working in a department store. She has met a nice man called Nick Weston, and it was looking like a romance was about to begin.

Gemma had been brought up with tales about life at sea, by her father and she longed to escape to the sea. Even more so when her father announces he is leaving her mother Eve and her for good. After Eve had become bitter towards him for spending long absences at sea and that she had also become resentful towards Gemma.

Gemma takes the opportunity to follow her dream, and she applies for a job as a stewardess aboard The Queen Mary, voyaging to and from New York. When Gemma finds out that Nick Weston will also be aboard the ship and is a first officer it looks like it is destined to be. However things do not go quite so well when Gemma gets involved with Vince Morelli a gang boss who works in the New York docks. This could not only ruin her chances with Nick, but also could put Gemma’s life in great danger.

This is a story that is not all plain sailing, but with a few giant waves in the way for our leading characters to overcome. With a touch of crime added to the plot this is a really entertaining and enjoyable read from June Tate.

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