Friday, 16 March 2012

Nightmare at Emerald High: A Christian Thriller by Joana James

Malcolm Drake is a sixteen year old teenager, who has lived with his father since his mother left. Since his wife’s betrayal Malcolm’s father had become a bitter man and spends little time with Malcolm choosing instead to throw himself into his work.

Things are not going great for Malcolm at school either and he has managed to find a sanctuary in a room inside a classroom inside the school to escape from bullies. One day while Malcolm is hiding out in his secret sanctuary he sees and overhears a group of people come into the adjoining classroom, appearing to be threatening the principal. Scared that he will be discovered and loose his sanctuary Malcolm stays put and listens. The group want the principal to include a new program on the school curriculum an alternative science class.

When Malcolm’s class are told that the Institute of Youth Enlightenment and Development is willing to provide four students the opportunity to receive full scholarships if they take part in the program. This interests many of the students whose families could barley afford a university education for their children.

All students and Malcolm are at first enthusiastic about the program. The students embrace the concepts that they are taught. But when they classes get stranger and they experience supernatural things that are bordering on the occult. What exactly is Malcolm getting involved with?

This is a story that holds you in suspense right to the end of the story. It is a thoroughly good read from beginning to end. There is a nice flow in the writing as it goes along captivating the reader and keeping your interest through out the story. I look forward to reading more of Joana James work.

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  1. Its a really good read Sheryl :)