Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Sex Club by L.J. Sellers

Kera Kollmorgan works at the Planned Parenting Clinic; she is a trained nurse who is working as a health care worker giving confidential advice to women about contraception and sexual health issues. Some of her clients are young teenage girls. Abortions are carried out at the clinic and this has led to protesters standing regularly outside the building. So security is a top priority at the clinic.

However one quiet Tuesday morning a pipe bomb explodes in the clinic. Causing damage and badly injuring one person. Nothing like this as happened before in the peaceful town of Eugene, Oregon. Detective Wade Jackson has been a police officer for half his life and has the most experienced detective he is put in charge of the investigation to find the person responsible for planting the bomb.

Who would do such a horrible thing and what were they thinking?

Then when a young teenage girl who attended the clinic and was one of Kera’s clients, is found dead in a dumpster not long after sending Kera an unfinished email. Kera discovers that the girl Jessie Davenport belongs to a group called Teen Talk a group of Christian teenagers that meet up for a Bible study group. Kera discovers that the teenagers may have been using their free time to do something far more exciting than Bible study. Have they been rebelling against the strict religious upbringing their parents have forced on them and what lengths are they prepared to go to keep their club secret?

Another brilliant crime mystery story by L.J. Sellers packed with suspense and the unexpected.  A really well thought out storyline with a strong cast of characters that make this a not to be missed read.

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