Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Love Academy by Belinda Jones

Journalist Kirsty Bailey is sent on an assignment to Venice by her magazine on an undercover mission to “The Love Academy” to find out if “The Love Academy” is all it claims to be a school for singles, teaching lessons on how to find romance and true love or if it is what her editor suspects it to be just another well dressed up escort agency.

Back home Kirsty love life and relationship with her boyfriend Joe is a big disappointment to her due to the lack of romance that Joe brings into her life. Kirsty feels that Joe takes her for granted. Kirsty dreams of more love and romance in their relationship but excepts now that is never to be.

But how will Kirsty feel once she attends “The Love Academy”? When she is surrounded by the love and romance she is craving in her own life. Will she give into the temptation and embrace the romance and send Joe packing when she returns home?

Belinda Jones writes fantastic chick lit that is warm and friendly, keeping the reader entertained along the journey in a fun packed read that sails you away in a gondola of love and romance in the delights of Venice.

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