Monday, 12 June 2017

Exclusions of Emotions by Nikki Bywater

 Remember everything is just a dream away, we write so anything is possible. Things sometimes seem tough and there seems to be no way out, but never give up and never stop fighting for what you believe is right.

 Run away for a while and take some time out. Get lost in a good book. Take off on a plane and explore the world. Take off in your mind and explore. Find a place, a quiet place and reflex. Scream when you need to scream. Cry when you need to cry. Get angry and shout at the injustice of it all. Try and see why? How did it come to this? Why can't you see? How could you? But you did...

They blame the government.They blame cutbacks. They blame the system, pushing the responsibility onto my shoulders, my shoulders are strong. They leave it to me to pick up the pieces. The mess they have made. The life they almost destroyed. For they are weak and we are strong. They don't listen and don't allow opinion. Know they are wrong and we know they have wronged.

You hurt and we can take away the hurt. We will help you find a way through this. Look ahead and not behind. Keep focused and have a focus. Believe in yourself and have faith in others. Lose your trust in people and find it in others. Keep searching. You dust yourself down now and get yourself back up. Make time and take time. Smile, laugh, love life.

Knowing that people do care and we are always here to listen and to be a helping hand. From your first breath to my last. Nothing will tear us apart. We have love and there will always be love.

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