Monday, 25 April 2016

Smuggler's Moon (Rakes & Rebels Book #5) by Cynthia Wright

A sham wedding brings together our two leading characters... The dashingly handsome Lord Sebastian and feisty Julia. Both have been left hugely let down and in debt by family members who have gambled away their fortunes. Adventure and danger soon follow and stormy seas are ahead. Can love blossom under a smuggler's moon?

Set in Cornwall in 1798, this is a historical romance novel that has a spark that will sweep you along throughout the story as you get captured into the heart of romance. With some sexy scenes and a good, strong leading lady in Julia and a loveable rogue of a romantic hero in Sebastian. The chemistry bounces off the pages and is so wonderfully written you will not want to stop reading. Author Cynthia Wright has done excellent research of locations too and they give the story a beautiful backdrop and setting that adds another dimension to the story.

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