Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bedside Manners (The Breakup Doctor #2) by Phoebe Fox

The breakup doctor is back. In the second book of the series Brook Ogden's relationship therapy sessions have really taken off now and she is now holding group counselling sessions to a great mix of different people, all with one thing in common… They are in desperate need of help with their love lives and it is up to Brook to take on the challenge and help them through their relationship issues. Only her own relationship status is just as complication and she is confused and torn between two men, dependable Ben who she feels would be her perfect match and finding herself drawn to undependable Chip who could bring even more complications to add to the calamity.

This is a nice and easy read. Hilarious in parts and with some fantastic characters who really make the story a lively and good read. You do not have to read the first book in the series but I recommend that you do as that is also a fabulous read.

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