Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Cottage in the Country by Linn B Halton

Maddie Brooks is delighted when she moves into her dream cottage. The cottage is the perfect place for her to begin her new life. The cottage needs a lot of work doing to it but Maddie can see the potential in the cottage to create a wonderful place for her to live and make the first step to the rest of her life.

Lewis Hart has a strong connection to the cottage. He feels sad he misses out on the chance to buy it for himself. Lewis was very close to the previous owner Aggie and he also had plans for the cottage. He finds himself employed by Maddie to help undertake the renovation work on the house.

Excited to begin her new life, Maddie moves in the cottage despite the mess and disruption while the repairs are been done. Things become even more difficult due to the work taking place over the Christmas holiday season and this and the winter causes more delays and complications to getting the cottage completed. Maddie soon gets use to having Lewis around and they become close, but when boundaries are crossed and confusion and communication cause more damage, will this be more complicated to fix and put back together than restoring the cottage?

A beautiful book by author Linn B. Halton. A wonderful, warm and romantic read. I liked that Maddie is a strong leading lady who knows what she wants out of life and is no longer afraid of doing things for herself and embracing a new life with a positivity and enthusiastic energy, when it could be so easily a sad situation. The location where the story is set too provides the heart of a well told and emotional love story.

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  1. Just arrived home and there was your review - thank you so much Nikki, I absolutely love your review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed this story, it was the best fun to write! Thank you, too, for all the support over the quite a few years now - much appreciated! Lxx