Sunday, 22 June 2014

Moment by Moment by Laura Taylor

When Michael Cassidy and Elizabeth Parker meet, there is an instant chemistry, but they are both playing it cool, due to events which have happened in their past. Trying hard to, but unable to fight their mutual attraction they become close, only for Michael to reject Elizabeth, with both Michael and Elizabeth afraid to take a risk. If they take it moment by moment is there a chance for love?

It is another sensational read from romantic author Laura Taylor. This is an emotionally charged story about two mature people who need love but are afraid to let go of their past. The sensual scenes are very well written and add extra flavour to the story-line. This is a passionate and dramatic story of a fear of love over taken by a deep desire of the need for love.


  1. Heartfelt thanks, Nikki! Your praise of Moment By Moment means the world to me. Again, thank you. Laura

  2. Thanks to you too Laura. What an amazing read :)