Saturday, 8 February 2014

Road to Rouen by Ben Hatch

Ben and wife Dinah and their two children are on the road again. Following on from their last guide book on Britain, fasten your seatbelts, this time they are off to France, on a three month road trip. To participate in all that is French tourism, from a Vegetable theme park to the Eiffel Tower, throw in a deadly donkey, a strange cult and a pair of must have speedos! And you know you are in for a good fun and entertaining read.

I really enjoyed Are We Nearly There Yet? And I was really looking forward to reading Road to Rouen and I was not disappointed, I was laughing out loud from the first few pages. It is hilarious and funny read and Ben writes in such a wonderful way that you can be laughing one minute then be moved and touched by the more personal thoughts and memories.  This is a must-read. I loved it!

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