Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Green Hills of Home by Emma Bennet

Writer Gwen Jones is thrilled when her manuscript is about to be published, but editor John Thatcher is looking like he will be difficult for Gwen to work with and he is not happy that Gwen’s commitment to her ill mum Edith means that she cannot travel to London to work, so he must make the journey to the remote part of Wales were Gwen lives.

Gwen is really hoping to land this book deal as she desperately needs the money to save her home, but with John been moody and them having to spend so much time together. Will all go to plan?

This book had me intrigued from page one. It is a delightful story mainly just featuring the two central characters of Gwen and John. The book is really well written with a story line that will just make you want to keep on reading. 

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