Friday, 16 November 2012

Between Today and Yesterday by Joanna Lambert

Set several years after Joanna Lambert’s last book, we meet up once again with the characters from the Blue Eyes Trilogy. Matt Benedict is still married to Ella and he is now running a successful management company in London with Baz Young the bass guitarist from The Attitude. They look after up and coming artists as well as chart topping bands in the UK and Europe.

When international star, and diva Marcie Maguire, contacts Matt after they have not seen each other for twenty years. Matt drops everything, much to Ella’s annoyance to help Marcie out on her tour. Unknown to Matt, Marcie has much more in mind for Matt and she is prepared to plan, plot, scheme and manipulate to get what she wants from Matt even if it will cost him his marriage to Ella. But at what price will it cost Marcie?

I really was looking forward to reading this book by Joanna Lambert and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed meeting and reading about the characters from The Blue Eyes Trilogy. The characters are now older, but the book does still follow on from the trilogy. The book does have many characters, all are interesting and the storyline is compelling and packed with drama. The story is set in England and Spain creating a nice setting to accompany the story. Joanna Lambert books just get better and better this is a remarkable read.

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